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The name is Tupelo Honey. Schooled musicians and a mind-blowing frontman. The sound is unforgiving high-energy rock, The Voice stands alone as unparalled and unique. The band consists of Matthew

Hupelo Honey

Well we finally left the GTA today. We played Barrie last night, for an audience of sixteen, and four of those were the other band Marianna’s Trench. Besides the lack

Well we finally left the GTA today. We played Barrie last night, for an audience of sixteen, and four of those were the other band Marianna’s Trench. Besides the lack of ears in the room, we had a good set. We cut our stage convulsions down to about 80% and our playing was a lot more clean. That’s the tough thing about playing live for us, we love to go nuts and kill our selves physically, but you always have to find the balance between show and finesse. We have to give shout outs to our friend Pete for getting us the last minute show, to Marianna’s Trench for being beautiful men, and our pal Cale who somehow made it to Barrie from Toronto in 30 mins.

Off to Winnipeg now, WOOOO!!! Twenty five hours in a van that smells a lot like 40% hangover, 30% terrible pepperoni meat snacks, 30% butt.

Danna Kornicova


We always love coming out to Toronto, but this time we were pretty glad to see it go. It was rough, we didn’t have much in the way of money, or accommodations. Our showcase at NXNE was (In our opinions) about an 80%, and apparently we have been reviewed as a “fasion nightmare with unfortunate facial hair”. Actually that was kind of a highlight for us. We love it when reviews of our music is based mostly on our sense of style…or lack there of… I guess it’s a good thing Steve didn’t play in that chicken suit we rented. On the bright side, I think a few people may have liked our set, we made some really great contacts.

There was a tonne of great bands out there this week. The highlights for me were definitely Murder City Sparrows from E town, and Reason Disappears from Toronto. Both bands deserve $5000 of your money. Just email your bank info to … I’ll take care of it.

Other good things came of our trip too, we were able to see all of the amazing behind the scenes Tupelo Team members. We have a great bunch of people supporting us and working so hard for us. Thanks guys! Also a big thanks goes out to the Moxie house for putting us up, letting us watch hours of ‘Kenny VS Spenny’, giving us a place to watch the Oilers lose, and feeding us three times!!!! I never thought BBQ would save our lives.

Also thanks to Peppy the wiener dog.



We are now about 15 or 16 hours into our drive from Saskatoon to Toronto. We just past Thunder Bay, lets just say funds are low. I have decided to make Matt and Greg tap dance for cash at every gas station. We will figure it out we always do.
So far its been a pretty interesting drive, I was unaware that one guy could fill up 4 orange juice bottles in an hour… I guess Tyler was really thirsty.
Spirits are a little down, but that has nothing to do with being a travelling band of homeless tap dancers. We decided to stop in Yorkton, SK to cheer on our boys. Personally I blame the loss on Greg. Whenever he watches, the Oil eat it hard… Maybe that is a little harsh, I am sure its not ENTIRELY Greg’s fault, the players may have had something to do with it as well. I’m not too worried though, tomorrow is another day. If you want my very official and valid opinion, I would say a 4 – 2 victory for E town sounds about right.
Alright time to do something else, the ol ADD is kicking in again…


P.S. Steve sleeps with his eyes only partially closed, its creeping me out.


Well we are off to Toronto again. First stop was last night in Saskatoon. It was kind of a last minute show with Rocketface at the Roxy. We had a pretty fun night even with the monitors that bounced off the stage from the vibration of every chord. It was pretty mellow just kind of hung out with family and friends. No hi-jinks as of yet, but we plan begin our “hockey – hooliganism” tonight. Our prediction is Oil 345 Canes –4.

Sorry we didn’t get to post the dates sooner for you all, there was a little confusion about what the dates were. Looks like we are in Toronto on Saturday for our NXNE showcase with Rocketface and Reason Disappears. Should be sweet.

Ill keep you posted.

Love Carlos Danchez

PS ..



Wow what an amazing tour, we had a blast. The Calgary show with Chyshuga, (The best band in Calgary!!) was such an awesome way to finish it off. Good friends, good crowd, and lots of beer. We actually thought we weren’t even going to make the show!! The ice after Regina forced us to go 45 Km/Hr until we hit Alberta. When we got to Medicine Hat, we decided to celebrate our liveliness by making our buddy Chuck buy us steaks. Haha.

Anyways, I thought I better top this half assed journal off by saying thanks to a few people.

Thanks to…

Cory Popiuk and Dave Anderson (our handsome managers, Jeff Dalziel, Denis Tougas, Nicole Hughes, Ian Thornley, Mark Pindera, Omar Al-Joulani, Ralph James, Theory Of A Deadman, Marianas Trench, Chyshuga, Retrograde, The Davidson family (Saskatoon chapter), Alexis in Regina, Matt at the U of M, Danielle at, Chuck in Med Hat, Mike Diltz, Mike Anderson, Chris Melnychuck, Steve Derpack, Hoogie, Ganou, Joel and AXE productions, the Moustache Press, and many more that I am forgetting right at this moment…(Its late, give me a break)

In conclusion, this tour can be summed up in 7 words: Zombies, ice, insomnia, meat, Avenged Sevenfold, and rock.

We’ll talk soon…


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